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Детское здоровье


Логин: Alexandra
Имя: Alexandra
Страна: Канада
Область / край: Ontario
Город: Milton
Alexandra -> Всем, Клуб Мамы и Папы Канады.
Детское здоровье
Детское здоровье. Здесь в Канаде столкнулась с тем, что многим деткам ставят диагноз астмы. Вот и нашей дочке тоже поставили, выписали ингаляторы, но как-то они не помогли. Когда обратились к натуропату, то нам посоветовали рыбий жир и пробиотик, я рецепт поставила под сомнение. Но вот нашла кое какую информацию - надеюсь кому-то тоже пригодится :)

Fish Oil and Asthma

The standard treatments for asthma are usually fast acting inhalers or long term control medication for the more severe cases. During an attack, nebulizers are sometimes used to create a mist which is inhaled by the asthmatic. This is a quick way to get the necessary medication into the affected person.
More attention is now being paid to preventative measures and one of these is the consumption of fish oils. Studies done worldwide suggest that fish oils have a mitigating effect on asthma symptoms especially in children. Researchers at the University of Sydney claim that eating oily fish regularly could actually help prevent children from developing the disease.
Researchers suggest that eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), one of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the most obvious characteristic of airway constriction, so it is easy to see why this might be beneficial. Even children exposed to environmental factors such as parental smoking seem to benefit from fish oil consumption the researchers claim. Additionally, for people already suffering from asthma, fish oil is thought to lessen the severity of symptoms.


A Balancing Act
In an ideal world, bacteria that occurs naturally in your body will be enough to keep your stomach feeling well and your digestive system operating to its full extent. But sometimes some extra help is in order, either because of illness, extended medicine usage, or even poor eating habits. Any of these and a variety of other circumstances can throw things out of whack.
When such an imbalance occurs, probiotics (which can be found in certain yogurts, milks, juices, and cheese, as well as in supplement form) can help to make things right again.
Some research studies have also found that taking probiotics can strengthen the immune system and reduce people's risk of contracting a variety of ailments and illnesses, too. In addition, some scientists believe that probiotics can alter the immune cells contained in your stomach area and as a result, may lessen or prevent the immune system response that causes asthma. However, a handful of research efforts have explored this theory in recent years and haven't been able to prove that probiotics make any significant difference in reducing asthma symptoms.
Exploring the Preventative Effects
While the advantages of probiotics on your respiratory system haven't panned out yet, it's worth noting that most of the current science to date in this area has looked at using probiotics to treat existing asthma cases, rather than working to head them off. Therefore, further efforts are planned to explore the asthma prevention aspect to see if any hope on that front exists.
Natalia Charif Natalia Charif
27 Фев 2012 14:49:35 0 Ещё
я, лично, очень осторожно отношусь к традиционной медицине. Считаю что она необходима в экстренных случаях.
Александра, я полностью вас поддерживаю и думаю, что ваша информация будет полезна многим.
Елена Быстрова Елена Быстрова
28 Фев 2012 07:10:34 0 Ещё
Ещё здесь одна беда - детям часто рекомендуют гормональные препараты. Я всегда была уверена, что это вредно. И вот даже здесь пишут об исследованиях канадских учёных. http://www.medinfo.ru/mednews/6462.htmlНо тем не менее и мази и капли выписывают, я уже не говорю о лечении астмы - это уж точно гормональными средствами лечат. Мне одна знакомая рассказывала, что у подруги, которая следовала советам врача и лечила астму такими препаратами, ребенок не страдает астматическими приступами, но его развитие явно замедлено и это даже со стороны видно. Ей самой ставили диагноз астмы, но потом оказалось, что у неё аллергия на кошачью шерсть. Как только кошку отдали - всё прошло.