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Seacret - Anna Temkina
Телефон: (403) 813-1917
Регион (город): Калгари / Галифакс / Монреаль / Оттава / Торонто / Ванкувер / Виннипег
The Dead Sea & Skin Care

Millions of years ago, on the border of Jordan and Israel, the amazing body of water known as the Dead Sea was formed. For ages, the Dead Sea has attracted all measure of visitors to its waters, from King Solomon and King David, to Queen Sheba and Cleopatra. This body of water has long been recognized as one of the oldest, naturally-occurring salt water spas.

As the lowest point on earth at 1,388 feet below sea level, it is one of the world’s most highly concentrated saline bodies of water. And not only that, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. The crystalline shores populated with salt rocks, the deeply colored, mineral-rich mud, and the crystal clear blue waters make for an idyllic location.